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Turn off the Gore?

According to my list of online orders I have been compiling since 1998 (I know, right?), I haven't bought a video game for myself since Unreal Tournament 2004.  That's almost 7 years.  Now, I liked UT2K4, and it was definitely worth the price, but since then I have not had to time to play video games. 

My biggest issue is that I am taking care of 3 adults, 4 cats, 2 dogs, a house, finances, cooking, cleaning, Katsucon, contract work, and a writing career.  Plus I have had a myriad of health and financial issues.  I have avoided all online gaming like World of Warcraft, Everquest, Minecraft and so on not because I don't like them, in fact I am sure I would, but because I cannot afford to have anything suck time from my life.  It seemed as bad an idea as taking up smoking weed.

The last few months have been REALLY busy.  Luckily, my health seems t have settled out for now, and when takayla got her promotion this month, the financial issue has stopped from draining away to a mild incline.  I hope this trend continues, and now that my book has been sent to the publisher's, I am hoping the proceeds from that help out a little, too.

So I decided to get a game to celebrate and try and balance out my nose-to-the-grindstone .  I wanted something that didn't require a lot of time investment, and there are only two games I know if that don't take a lot of time, backstory, and huge online investment: first person shooters (FPS) or combat games.  Luckily, one of my favorite combat game franchises for a console was just released: Mortal Kombat 9.  It arrives tomorrow, and I will be playing it on my son's XBox 360.

Now, when MK came out for consoles in the 90s, I think we had it on the Sega Genesis.  It became a household favorite, gore and all.  I remember seeing it first in the arcades, and while the stop-motion 2-D animation was cheesy, it was unique, and the GORE was the big thing.  I have seen the MK9 videos on Youtube, and they have stepped up the disturbing factor.  This does not bother me, nor does it bother the average MK fan.  But it makes me wonder if they had a way to turn off the gore.


At Katsucon, we have tables at other cons.  We also have a video gaming console, and one of the biggest draws we have is people playing the game in front of our table.  We usually have console fighting games, like Street Fighter, Pokemon Stadium, and so on.  It always makes us look like that's where the party is, and draws decent traffic.  But I doubt we could show Mortal Kombat 9, because I just saw a woman get torn in half in a rather exaggerated manner.

In the first "Serious Sam," a video game where your only job is to shoot wave upon wave of incoming aliens without running short on ammo, they had a "flower child" mode where instead of blood and guts, flowers and cakes would appear.  I really LOVED that!  It gave a kind of insane twist.  If MK9 had something like that, I'd play it over the gore.  I think some former MK9 games had a "less gore" mode so smaller kids could play it.

I'll let you know how this all goes.

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