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Other news - Rogue moves out

This is really about our friend Rogue, but as many of you know, she was living with us for the last month or so. She lost her husband, her job, and a place to live all in the same day. She moved out yesterday, and I was actually a little sad.

I have had roommates before. When I was on my own at 18, I lived with Bruce and Cheryl (and Liska and Debbie) at the FanTek house for about a year and a half, which, in retrospect, was pretty fun and cool. Then I lived with Tim and Anita, who were kind of nuts, but Tim was the semi-Bohemian manager of a book store I worked at. I have forgiven all their craziness because, well, they were in their early 20s, and that was over 14 years ago.

When Christine and I got married, we took in one roommate who was so awful, he ran up 1-900 sex line bills, ate all our food, and left cigarette butts in our toilet tanks and all over the front of our apartment complex. I think he also stole from where he worked, because the only reason we got rid of him was that he fled suddenly, and didn't even collect his last paycheck. Well, he married a friend of ours, and after many turmultuous years of cheating and so on, finally settled down, and they seem happy, so we've forgiven him as well.

But I didn't want to have another roommate ever again. Having that guest room dowstairs has caused a lot of people to hint they'd like to stay there... and pay rent. Well, we said "no" to those people. But when Rogue literally had nowhere to go, we let her stay. She was a very good roommate. It was like she was never there. Brain, an ex-boyfriend and good friend of hers who had lived with her off and on for many years, said that he noticed the same thing. Rogue moves around a LOT, and is almost never at home at night. In fact, out of the month or so she lived with us, she was there less than half the time. Most weekends she was away all weekend. She was either in New York, Pennsylvania, or California.

Her plans kept changing.

- Try and patch up relationship with husband, who left her for someone else
- That didn't work, so she filed for divorce, decided to become a voodoo priestess, and move to California.
- She became a voodoo priestess, but her car died, and so she couldn't go anywhere, but then got a job in DC, so she moved in with a former roomate and good friend, Chief.

So she left, and the guest room was back to "normal" again, and as she hugged us goodbye and gave us lots of thanks, I felt a little sad. But it's not like she's going away for good, she's still local. It's just... well, a bit lonely now. She was a comfortable presence for our family. She's really a good person.

Here's her blog.

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