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From Twitter 04-30-2011

  • 06:48:51: A ship in a harbor is safe... but that's not why ships are built.
  • 11:20:44: "Sometimes people believe something so patently ridiculous, so detached from evidence and good sense,..." http://tumblr.com/xpb2bw1pxz
  • 14:18:44: I LOOK PRETTY!!!!! http://flic.kr/p/9DhNxg
  • 14:20:47: @AdrianneCurry you were on this show... and then married a TV icon... Then there were these sci-fi costumes and it all became a blur...
  • 14:59:43: ZOMG someone has STEENKY knee pad funk in the dugout. Phew! :/
  • 15:11:43: I have dugout duty and my new job today is to take photos of skaters drinking Vitamin Water. The excitement never stops with this job. :p
  • 15:33:12: 25/32 April Showers vs May Flowers. More girls are falling than dollar bills on a truck stop hooker.
  • 15:36:29: This is Scarlet O'Snap's and Lucky Penny's game here as they score MAD points for May Flowers. 25/38 in a tight game!
  • 15:41:06: 33/50 May Flowers getting a point spread wider than my old underpants--WHAT??
  • 15:50:09: 67/68 May Flowers. Score was looking so close, it was damn cross-eyed. YAY CBB!!!!!!
  • 16:36:55: @StyxNStones we do it because you skaters are the best team IN THE UNIVERSE!! :D
  • 16:40:11: 26/19 DC All Stars vs Providence Roller Derby. Go, DC go!!!!!
  • 16:40:59: Photo: Too true. Either that, or when you try and turn people onto a new show, it’s always the “weird... http://tumblr.com/xpb2c0yp9i
  • 16:42:41: Skull and Crossbones. Medium: gaffers tape. Artist: Scarlet Heare. http://flic.kr/p/9DnFE7
  • 17:02:23: 67/24 DCA at halftime. It's like Long Island all over again. This bout is more unbalanced than a Tea Party candidate's sanity.
  • 17:04:47: Crazy Dukes from visiting team got hurt bad. Arm in sling. A truer sportswoman as there ever was. Someone buy her a round tonight.
  • 17:06:34: @fuzzface01 I guess that wasn't kneepad funk back there, BUT YO FACE!
  • 17:09:57: Halftime show is refs repairing track tape. I am proud to be an American.
  • 17:16:07: Yankee Scandal takes a licking and keeps on ticking! She's been hit on more that a drunken blond at a frat party. But she is STILL STANDING!
  • 17:17:33: DCA leads with 69 points. (snicker).
  • 17:20:08: This is Yankee's game. 15pt jam! Damn girl! :D 84/33 DCA. Rhode Island are more points behind than my run for class president in 4th grade.
  • 17:23:16: Yankee has more jam points this bout than a 4H club at a county fair. 54 of 87 points for DCA from hers alone.
  • 17:34:41: 104/43 DCA. 11 minutes on the clock. Say goodbye to Quahog, Peter Griffin. They may be riveters, but we're screwing them.
  • 17:41:59: 105/57 DCA... I am thinking DCA only scores points now because they are getting some extra practice in and to pass the time.
  • 17:48:13: Final score 106/64 DCA! Great job girls!!!

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