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Gorilla movies

I had a classmate who had this opinion on Star Wars back in the 1980s.

Me: So, you ever watch Star Wars?
Him: No, I don't get into Gorilla movies.
Me: What?
Him: Gorilla movies. You know, Planet of the Apes, King Kong, Star Wars, Star Trek, 2001, etc.
Me: Chewbacca is not a gorilla.
Him: Ape, space-chimp, whatever. I don't know why sci-fi is always has to have a gorilla in it. Is it because of the chimps in the space program?
Me: What is wrong with you? What is the last sci-fi film you watched?
Him: Alien.
Me: Hah! And was there a gorilla in that?
Him: I don't know, I stopped watching it because after twenty minutes of the same hallway over and over, I fell asleep. Did they ever get off that ship? At the end, she's blasting some gorilla into space. Didn't even make sense.
Me: That was an alien!
Him: No, it was definitely a gorilla.

It reminded me of another friend's mom, who thought Star Trek was "that astronaut gangster TV show" because the ONLY episode she saw was "A Piece of the Action." Because she didn't want her kid to be a gangster and reinforced the Italian stereotype, she forbid him watching Star Trek.
Tags: childhood, gorilla, sci-fi, science fiction, star trek, star wars
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