punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

No Otakon for me, boo hoo...

I wanted to go, because all my pals are there. Even my boss is going!

But money is tight. The last years I could afford it somewhat because Katsucon footed some of the bill (memberships/room), but Katsucon has to save money this year, so when I priced it all out, yikes! For me and my son to go, it would have cost me travel, hotel, food (IN Baltimore!), memberships, and who knows what else ... plus, I know I'd end up helping at the Katsucon table (even if they didn't ask, I mean, I can't leave them there and go out dallying at another convention), which is in the vendor's room, and then I'd buy crap I don't need on top of everything else. About the same amount it would have taken me to go to New York. Oh well. [sigh...]

This aggravatingly prevents me from going to Tad and Craig's Excellent Party as well. Dammit! And that's right down the street!

In other news, work layoff rumors have subsided when some paranoia was quelled by several meetings today. I learned that they wanted me to schedule some meetings after the 15th, a huge hardware order was approved, and a new interdepartmental process was started. Plus, they added more projects on our list. Still, it could be that THEY don't know we're being laid off. I recall in a former job, I had open projects with people who just vanished. I would have set up call center queues, bought leased lines, and had a 30-agent rotational setup for a new customer support situation ... only to find out the guy who ran the project was laid off, and no one picked up the project. The company spent a ton of money in new hires, phone lines, and programming ... for nothing. They did that more than once, too.

I hope I am not on cell E15...

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