punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Day 35 with no sugar

I have had odd cravings. Like pineapple juice. I used to hate pineapple juice as a kid, and only barely tolerated it as an adult. Sour and bitter, I found myself wanting it really bad. The store was out, so I ended up getting a "sugar-free" (fruit juice from concentrate) orange/banana/pineapple.

I drank two glasses, and probably only needed 1.5 glasses as my craving satiated, I suddenly really hated pineapple juice again. Man, I got a whole half a carton left.

In 35 days, I have only had a few HFCS/refined sugar bumps, and I feel a little lost as I didn't expect to get this far, or if I did, I expected to be miserable like the last mile of a marathon. But still no real significant cravings, and no fantasies about eating brownies or anything. I was going to post something funny there like, "hot gooey brownies smothered in hot chocolate and ice cream and cookie dough..." in some angst-fueled frustration with exaggerated adjectives ... but it made me feel a little ill. That's... a little weird for me.

What next? 60 days? Then what? Why am I doing this?

Still the biggest thing is finding things that taste good with no sugar. For instance: sugar free ice cream is simply horrible. I have tried many brands, and they either have no taste or are just drab and awful. It's not the aspartame or sucralose that does it for me, it's... just taste and mouth-feel. Sugar free chocolate candy is equally as bad.

I think diet food is what makes people stop diets more than anything. I have this theory that people diet less to get better, but more to punish themselves. Like they say, "I am trying to lose weight," but think, "Fatty fat fat fat loser I hate you..." and that is reflected in diet food. Well, it's just a theory.
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