punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Dear Unknown Benefactor:

Hi. I got the clock. Thank you, that was so sweet! Now... who are you?

For the rest of you, I got a package today addressed to "Greg Larson." This is odd, since I am usually known by "Grig" or "Punkie" among my friends, and those that call me "Greg" probably don't know that I am a fan of the Wil Wheaton Blog. It's a clock with my favorite Wil cartoon on the face called, "Klingon Convention Trauma." It was done by his friend Ben. It's basically a four panel cartoon that goes:

Trekkie dressed as Klingon: [angrily] I hate you, Wesley!
Wil Wheaton: [cheerfully] I'm not Wesley, I am Wil Wheaton.
Trekkie dressed as Klingon: [sadly] Oh...
Wil Wheaton: [cheerfully] Come here, you big weirdo! [hugs Klingon guy, both smiling, with heart above their heads]

That sums up a lot about fandom for me.

But who sent it? I wasn't feeling very good today, and my previous rant showed (a friend of mine is being picked on by his so-called "pals"), and after talking down someone from doing something REALLY stupid, I felt drained. Then I kept getting sent to dumb meetings. But the clock cheered me up! I don't have a place for a clock except the laundry room, so I hung it there, I hope you don't mind.

Three years ago, an unknown benefactor also sent me a Bigens ball to replace the one we had that popped. That one had a note that said something like, "Sorry your life sucks right now, I hope this will, in some small way, cheer you up." I think I did eventually discover who sent that, but I have now forgotten.This gift had no note on the invoice, and had no card. The invoice only said it was a gift, already paid, and only one clock was ordered and shipped.

Sean? Albedo? Jason? Neal? Brad? Anyone?

Well, thanks! I am very happy with it! :-D

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