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Today, thanks to my friend Nate, CR and I were able to go to the Renniassance Festival. Nate picked me up this morning just before Christine left for West Virginia to be with her sister Debbie, and celebrate her grand niece Kaitlin's birthday. Nate took us to his house, and we waited for his long time friend Brian and Brian's youngest sister, Tudy (I am not sure how to spell her name, so I'll chose the formal spelling). When they finally arrive, Nate, his wife Jen, Brian, Tudy, CR, and I packed into a van and drove to Crownsville, Maryland on the Renn Fest's opening day.

It was very hot and humid, but it was better than some had predicted, which was pouring rain and muddy. We ended up leaving way before the storms came. We stayed about three hours, which was enough for me. By the end, my body was exhausted from the heat and moving around. Luckily, I had just gotten some gel inserts for my shoes, so my feet didn't hurt so much and my legs and back weren't giving me the usual problems they present.

I saw MANY friends. I saw Larry Sands, of Sandcrafters, but he didn't look so good, so I didn't bug him. Bomber's right, his health is really declining fast. There I met Debbie Bushman, who was my roomate for a year and a half while I lived in the FanTek house from 87-88 we chatted for a while. I also saw Casey Severn, acting as usual, so we didn't get to talk. I wanted to see Ralph, but at the booth where he and his wife used to run only had his ex-wife and assistants. His ex-wife was pretty mad I asked for Ralph (aka Sasquatch), and told me he was moving out "as we spoke" and angrily slammed stuff on the counter. Oooo-kay. Didn't they get divorced like a few years ago? I also so Lori and her hubby at Bee Folks, and they have totally rennovated their store and it looks very nice. They now have power, with a fridge, fan, and even a futon to sleep on upstairs. I also so a ghost from the past, Darryl Kummerow and his boyfriend Frank.

Other than food, I didn't buy anything. I had a knave sandwich (my favorite), a watermelon slice, and a snowcone. Or and Gatorade and water. I didn't see anything I really wanted to buy because everything fell into three categories: have it, don't want it, or it costs too much. There were some newer merchants, including one great swordmaker who made high-quality wooden practice swords. These aren't the $8.00 wood swords they give kids, they were hand-lathed, wood-inlaid, hand polished pieces.They were pricey, though, but for handmade, that's not surprising.

I was exhausted when I got back, so I slept for a few hours, and now I'm wide awake! I am using a Slackware-Live CD on a laptop, running KWord to spellcheck (which doesn't work), watching Ray Ramano on SNL.

And missing Christine. I mean, I love Widget and all, but he's a poor substitute.

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