punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

This is going to be a bad week.

Sorry to be a pessimist, but already the airwaves are full of 9/11 stuff, and it's only going to get worse. It seems like 2 years is a magical number that will replay the clips and scenes from 9/11 playing on every channel. I, for one, am not ready for this. As evidenced by me being awake, when I should be sleeping.

I am not ready because apart from picking up the pieces, we've done nothing. The US has become more paranoid, more freedoms have been restricted, and we haven't caught anyone. Where's Osama Bin Laden? Who knows. Saddam Hussein? Anyone's guess. I am still not sure what we're going to do with Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't know if we made things better there or worse. Now with this week, the "terrorists" have said more people will die. Of course they say that, they are terrorists. I'd be more concerned if they were silent. But now security will be stepped up at work... again. Even with all the new turnstiles, gates, and armed guards, I suspect they'll X-ray everything next. The economy is in the toilet, my perfectly employable friends are unemployed, while idiots answering phones at the telcos I deal with get dumber and dumber... and still keep their jobs.

I thought I'd sleep like a baby tonight, because I worked pretty hard today. My ankle felt better, so I went ahead and did a lot of backed up lawn work. I mowed, raked, edged, and cleaned up after numerous storms that kept sweeping through. I swear, those sycamore trees in my backyard shed more branches than a hostile bank buyout. I couldn't do this for the longest time because it was damp and humid all the time. It was too wet to mow, and the grass thrived, became really tall, and then got too tall to dry out between rain spells. And the one rare day I *could* mow, I had to either work late, or do other more important errands. One part of my lawn had not been mowed in two months. Grass was knee-high, and hosting tons of small crickets. Many saplings that started from seeds were now up to my waist. Snip snip, and now I felled about 20 mini-trees. For years, I have been dealing with this small (less than a foot in diameter) stump in my back yard the previous owners left when a tree fell down or something. It wasn't tall enough to see right away, but when my mower went over it? CCRRNNKKK! It finally rotted enough for me to dig out, which was a great victory for me. I also trimmed hedges and pulled weeds from the tomato garden.

I have mentioned the "ancestral tomatoes" we have a few times in my blog. This year, Christine didn't grow them, so I decided to try, and buddy... mine grew big! I planted four, and two survived. Then I accidentally stepped on one of them, and now only have one left. But it's HUGE! The last time we grew these, the plants were big, but this single plant is a monster which has taken over the whole garden and is still flowering this late in the season. Several tomatoes are still ripening, and they are bigger than my fist. The one plant has a base stalk thicker than my thumb, and is covering 60% of the entire garden, plus where it's just grown out of the garden and up a tree. I took pictures, but I have to wait until I find the digital camera cable before I can upload them.

I worked until my asthma forced me to stop, but I got a lot done. So I figured, I'd sleep like a log when I went to bed, but now it's 12:30, and all I can think of is those two towers collapsing again. And the Pentagon on fire. And all the screaming and yelling.

Damn you, TV.

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