punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Blog Redux

You might have noticed I finally got around to cleaning this Blog up. Part of it was just getting around to it, and I finally got a background that I liked. I think it looks elegant without being overstated. I call it "Coffee and dice." Let me know what you think.

I am telling you, playing "Grand Theft Auto 3" a lot will mess with your head. Now when I am in a car, I think about the game, and how reality looks like the game. Except when it comes to hitting people, the drugs, the cops, and all the other stuff.

Wait: 131k"The Fight"
And on your right is a gif-rendered AVI I made back in 1997. It was my first stop-motion movie, made by a Connectix B&W Quickcam, a Transformers Sharkticon ("Gnaw"), and some Purple Alligator villan ("Al Negator") from "Bucky O'Hare." I have had it on my hard drive for years, but today I fooled with it, cropped it, and tranformed it into a 131k gif animation. Hope you like it.

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