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Travis is 30

One of my high points this weekend was my friend Travis achieved age 30, and had a party to celebrate. I am not sure how he does it, but he has some of the most interesting people and great parties. It was at his father's house, and his father is some retired... let's say he worked for the Navy. There were other people who... also worked with or for the Navy. I heard hours of "non-conversation" the likes of which I haven't heard since I lived in McLean. If you are not from here, you would be confused when people had conversations of, "I used to work for You-know-who when he was doing you-know-what, and I recall your boss what doing that thing with... the lake." "Oh, yes, I remember him. I served with him while we... worked on a boat. You know, THAT boat." "Yeesss... I actually worked on the... engine, of that boat..." "Oh. You worked for the tall man with the pistachios?" "No, I was assigned to... the walnuts."

Some of Travis's friends from work and his previous Boy Scout troop were also there. It seemed half of them worked for the government, the other half were still in college. Some I knew, back from the "Team Chicken Salad" days, and some from a previous party, and some I had never met before. I had great conversations with everyone well on into the night.

His father's property is in a wooded area, and his house has vintage slot machines (complete with a pile of quarters), a pool table, a pinball machine, a old-fashioned baseball-style pinball machine, darts, and a stripper pole. Truly a bachelor's pad, although Travis's father is married to a wonderful lady named Donna. In addition, there are all kinds of Asian and military artifacts scattered throughout in curio cabinets and on the wall.

We brought Ahfu with us, because he's a party dog, and he had a great time. We didn't brig Widget because he's not comfortable with a lot of other people yet, and he gets VERY car sick. Christine played "Cheapass Games" games with a bunch of other people, and CR beat people at pinball and darts.

It was a great Saturday!

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