punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Finally... a good day!

Today was one of those good days where nothing went wrong. Years ago, I might have considered this, "boring," but I quite like it now, and would like more of these days, if I could.

The sun was out, the temperature was just right, and Christine and I went out on our own. We ate at the Beacon Street Cafe, a small restaurant in the shopping center behind our house. The food is good and prices are on the low side. I had a fried flounder sandwich, and Christine had salad, soup, and a chicken sandwich with ham and pineapple marinate. The restaurant was quiet, and I got to sit across from her and realize, again, how pretty she is. We've been married for... 14 and a half years, and she still makes my heart race.

Then we went exploring Fairfax, because it occurred to me last week that I know very little about where I live. We saw garage sales, but didn't get anything more than a cooler for $3 from the woman across the street. We found new places around here, like Ranger Surplus (awesome), a HUGE Dollar Store (even better), and a pet store. I got Christine a video game I knew she wanted, "Ghost Master," and she's been playing it for the rest of today. I have been playing a little of GTA3, interspersed with some light yard work (I play a little while, work a little while).

We have been blessed that Hurricane Isabel didn't dump anything larger than a 4' branch that a toddler could have carried off. Most of what we got were leaves and what I called "leaf spatter," which were ground-up leaves spattered on the sides of our house from the sheer force of the winds. A rain shower a few days later cleaned most of that off, but today I blew all the leaves off my deck, the patio below my deck, and scrubbed remaining "spatter" of places the rain shower didn't reach. Boy am I glad I cleaned the gutters earlier this year. If I hadn't, I am sure the hurricane would have taken them right off the house like a lot of our neighbors are dealing with. There are still HUGE mounds of debris people cleaned off their lawns lying on the curb, and the garbage men are still behind removing them. I bet mulch will be cheap this year...

[added later: Arlington county has so much mulch that they are begging citizens to take any of it for free, because if it stays in those big piles too long, it will spontaneously burst into flame]

Not much of an entry, true, but boring is good for me right now. I just wanted to prove (if only to myself) that I do have good days now and then.

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