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Punkwalrus.com - Up for now

Brad e-mailed me and gave me the scoop. The server was definitely on its last legs, but the data drive was still intact, so it should be able to be moved to a new server without many problems. It's going to take a few days to get everything working, but it will have more hard drive space and will be faster (which should deal better with some of the slowness everyone was experiencing with my blog and his board). I suggested OpenBSD, but he decided to go with Linux, because we both know it pretty well, and that means he has to recompile a whole lot of stuff. He's both looking forward to and dreading it, because he runs this popular EQ message board, and he's got to relearn the gcc compiles with PHP and MySQL from a Sun-based architecture to a Linux/i386 one. He did manage to get all the home directories moved to a temporary server, so that means all my stuff was saved, along with all the cgi and stuff for my blog. He had an SQL server for his board, though, and wow ... what a pain that's going to be for him.

He's hoping to have the new server online by Friday, but there will most likely be more outages over the next few days, as the temporary box is throwing kernel panic errors at random intervals. So please don't e-mail me that my blog is down, because I know, and there's nothing I can do about it but be patient. I am very grateful that Brad is working so hard on this.
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