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Some random small thoughts...

Due to the volume this diary is getting, I am shortening it to one day only on the main index page. It was 5 days for a while, then 3... but now my entries are getting so wordy that the man index is getting a little too big for my dial-up friends. So I am shortening it to 1 day. This means those who only read it less than once a day might miss some entries. If you care... I have archives! :)

On the Jewish note: I think my friend Albedo turned me onto this about 4 or 5 years ago. It's Rabbi Zelig Pliskin's Daily Lift. It's always full of good advice, even if you aren't Jewish. Today's was pause for thought: Rabbi Yitzhak Meltzin never got angry with another person. If someone insulted him, he always ignored it. He said, "It is wrong to insult someone, and if this person insulted me it is because he lacks the necessary understanding. So why should I be angry at someone for his ignorance?" I am wondering about this. What if you're an ass and don't know it? But generally, this is a good way to diffuse insults. I learned this in customer service: never take insults personally, the customer doesn't know you. Try and find the real problem and fix that instead of worrying about what they just called you or accused you of.

I get about 150-200 pieces of spam on my Yahoo account daily. Daily. This sucks. Yahoo is really good about filtering out 95% of it to my "Bulk mail folder," but sadly, it has a lot more false positives than I am comfortable with. The problem really got bad within months of my e-mail being posted on the Katsucon site. Before that, it was only 5-10 pieces a day. I didn't even use the bulk folder back then. Now I couldn't survive without it. I hope spammers all get a mouth full of cancer, I really hate them, I do.

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