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Odd and Ends

They are finally getting around to fixing the fence in the back. It feels like a long time, but according to my blog, it's been only a little over a month. They aren't done with the fence yet, but they have half of it up anyway. Soon, I won't have to have my doggies on leashes to let them out back to pee.

At work I have been doing nothing but stripping old computers of their parts and building new ones. Our team inherited over 100 computers in various parts of carnage when we moved, and now finally I am getting around to salvaging what we can from them. My small office is stacks halfway to the ceiling with computers. Most of them are old P2-266's to a P3-600 here and there. I salvaged enough parts to build a dual P2-333 server to toy around with. Sadly, most of what these machines were stripped for was RAM and hard drives, so I will probably only be able to make 20 or so machines out of what I can get from 100. Still, that's 20 machines. Most of them will be given to employees to take home and learn Linux. The hard part is all the shells and cases outside my door. Our Internal Computer Team won't take 'em, because they say Building Maintenance is supposed to pick them up. Building Maintenance says ICT is supposed to pick them up. So while they fight it out, I have more and more computer carcasses piling up outside my door like oyster shells outside a Chesapeake restaurant.

I have been working on a joke project that may go nowhere called "Linux for Girls," which will be a Barbie-like knockoff of Knoppix. I am also thinking of having "S.P.Goppix: The Spooky Perky Goth knoppix." They will be nothing more that some stripped down versions of Gnoppix or Knoppix, whichever I can do the easiest, with appropriate themes. So I have been learning ways of making Mac icons into Gnome SVG icons. This also means I'll have more graphics for my site.

Christine will be going to West Virginia this weekend to see an old friend, put flowers on her mother's grave, and take her sister Debbie out. I plan to do some yardwork. Exciting, huh? Zzzzzz...

I got my copy of LIES: And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right by Al Franken, and it's hysterical. He really hates Ann Coulter, that's for sure. The subtitle is correct, he really does his research when it comes to seeing if what the conservative representatives say is based on fact. Most of it is not. I have only read about 40 pages into it, but it's already funnier than Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot: And Other Observations, which had me howling with laughter.

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