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Windows - Annoynaces

Today's lessons from an on-site job: a small office in a Virginia beachfront town...

- Spyware is annoying
- Watching the Windows 98 Defrag on full screen is really relaxing, and I think I'm addicted.
- Spyware makers can go to hell and rot
- The usual order is DSL => Modem => Router => Switch => Computers. When one does DSL => Modem => Switch => [Router, Wireless accesspoint, computers]... all hell can break loose!
- When having routers and access points in said configurations, do not leave them unencrypted with default passwords. Otherwise, you DNS seems to mysteriously point to Taiwan! And your IPs are all wrong. And your computers have back door trojans and all kinds of hacks! Wheeee!
- Spyware distributing web sites are lower than scum on the bottom of a whore's shore. They should be infected with at least three diseases, each one cancelling out any cure for the others.
- Sometimes, if the hard drive hasn't been defragged since a Democrat was president, it's actually quicker to format the hard drive and re-install Windows 98.
- Nobody makes drivers for Windows 98 much anymore
- Spyware programmers should be forced to watch their families burn, but be unable to help them because somehow, their limbs have all been cut off.
- Knoppix-STD is now officially my favorite Live-CD distro. It is the Savior, my holy Christ for the LiveCDs. Especially on my special laptop, a Celeron 433 with 256mb RAM. Hard drive? Pffuh. Who needs it? It has network scanning, Firefox browser, X Chat, shell... utilities galore! Small memory footprint, too. It's saved my ass so many times, it's gained annuity and interest. Reboots and leaves no trace. Great for fixing munged MBRs, testing if that hardware is realy hosed (or a Windows driver issue), trying to get work done in an environment with so many hacked computers that 25% of the network is taken up by virus packet traffic, and... it should be manadatory on any on-site job like this.
- Spyware designers should be beaten with whips made from razor wire, then stuck with needles in all the wrong chakra points so they are in angonizing pain, but paralyzed and wide awake.
- Mac users who know enough to be dangerous, but less than enough to be useful, can infect an entire network with a Mac Airbus, under the assumption Mac products "aren't affected by Viruses." Fuck you. Windows can. Turn off that fucking Access point.
- Spyware is a Trojan. There is no difference. Both come without your knowledge. The only difference between a black-hat hacker or cracker trying to destroy your computer and Spyware? Trojans, for the most part, can be cured, and the person who programmed it, if caught, goes to jail.

But as bad as Spyware is? Its success couldn't have been done without software from good old Billy Gates.

Yes... I *am* bitter....
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