punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

A thought that keeps me awake

"Hey, will you get this, Earthman,'' interrupted Zaphod. "You are a last generation product of that computer matrix, right, and you were there right up to the moment your planet got the finger, yeah?''

Yes. And yesterday, the end trigger was pulled a little harder.

"So your brain was an organic part of the penultimate configuration of the computer programme,'' said Ford, rather lucidly he thought."In other words,'' said Benji, steering his curious little vehicle right over to Punkie, "there's a good chance that the structure of the question is encoded in the structure of your brain --- so we want to buy it off you.''

The blog won't suffice?

"I thought you said you could just read his brain electronically,'' protested Ford.

"Oh yes,'' said Frankie, "but we'd have to get it out first. It's got to be prepared.''

[I have to stop eating pizza pockets before I go to bed...]

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