punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Windows - More silliness

Actually, it's one of those "Jerry Lewis moments" today.

Have you ever had one of those moments that have so many obscure things go wrong in a row, that you would swear you were in a Jerry Lewis movie? We've been like that all night into today. The core goes around this one piece of software, PCMiler, which is used for people who running shipping companies (to track truck mileage, I suppose). It's very expensive. Like $2000 a copy. It was installed on Machine A. Machine A is in bad shape, and needs to be wiped. So we put it on Machine B. Machine B's network card doesn't work (PC iler needs that to connect to main server). So we put it on machine C. Machine C's modem doesn't work (PC Miler has to download data that way). No other machines run Win98 in the office (which this older version of PCMiler needs). So we buy an external modem. We can't find the cables anywhere around here. So we try to get a new network card for machine B. Machine B is one of those small, "all-in-one" boxes with some weird, funky BIOS. The bad NIC is built-in, so we have to turn it off in the BIOS. Then we buy a new card, put it in. It conflicts with the old card. Much fighting ensues. We get the NIC to work, but while TCP/IP works, it can't authenticate to the main server, because the MS Network stuff is hosed. The repair disk that came with the box does not have MS drivers. Luckily, I brought a Win98SE CD with me. The OS says the drivers are for another OS (the os on the system is Win98, not SE). Look on web for solutions on Machine C. Get solutions. Download solutions. But the floppy on Machice C does not work, and does not have a burner. We copy it over to A, and then Sneakernet it to B. Get B to work. Now it claims it doesn't have enough RAM. The RAM is proprietary to the box, even though I have 128mb of PC100 DIMMS with me, and the RAM in there is 64mb of PC100 DIMMS, the BIOS hates *my* RAM for some reason.

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