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Birthday Wish Lists

Yes, my birthday is coming up, and a few people have asked about wish lists. I feel a bit greedy putting them up here, but hey, if you want to buy me something... I'm certainly not going to stop you :-D

- I'd love stuff from my Thinkgeek.com wish list
- And here's my more generic Amazon.com wish list

And if you do buy me something... thanks! :) PLEASE be sure to sign the e-card or whatever, so I don't wonder who it's from and not thank you properly. I have gotten two gifts this way, so far. A Bigens ball and a Wil Wheaton clock. Both I never did find out who sent them... This doesn't mean you HAVE to get me anything, or have to chose from those lists, BTW. This is more for those who have asked, or those who want to see the kinds of things I like.

I will be turning 35 in less than 2 weeks. I don't really feel one way or another, although if I really think about it, I feel a little bit cool about reaching this age alive. I've fought pretty hard to survive against the odds. When I was 18, I was told that I wouldn't live to see past 20, because of my heart condition and all. This whole life from 20 to 35 has felt a bit like extra credit, an extra bonus round, or even an apology make-up gift from God for the first 18 years of my life. "Sorry your childhood sucked, yo," he'd say. "So I went ahead and pushed the hour hand of your death clock back a few notches. Have fun while it lasts, kid." Yeah, life has had its tough moments. The online journal is pretty representative of an average year in my life, which is kind of why I started it; I want to reflect with more granularity. And as I said earlier this year, look for patterns.

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