punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Tattoo You, Tattoo Me?

I wonder about tattoos sometimes. I like them, personally, but I have done a lot of research and study on them over the years to determine if *I* want a tattoo. Here are my concerns:

Will I like in twenty years what I like now?
Twenty years ago, I might have gotten a stupid tattoo that said "Dungeon Master" or something. That would totally suck now. I recall a story by a tat friend of mine who said she saw a teenager get a huge black banner that said "Queensryche" (a popular band at the time) across her back. That was in the early 90s, I wonder what that girl thinks now? So I thought and thought about it, and certain themes seem to reoccur: cats, dragons, and the names of people I will always be fond of (Christine, my mom, my son). But then again, I have this fear I'll go to do it, see this great flash, and then get some stupid devil fighting an octopus or something. Part of me wanted to get a Linux penguin, but what will that mean in 20 years? Will I still be fooling with computers then? I also think that part of a tattoo is like a badge, like Christine got her first one after her enduring pain with a bad spinal tap. Her next one paved the way to her new weight loss program and letting go. They act as markers in one's life, which I think is neat, but what's my marker? What will I get?

Will it last?
I wonder how will tattoos be looked at in 2030. Since more and more people are getting them, I suspect it will not be so bad, but maybe a sort of recollection of a past fad. Or maybe it will be the same as always. Part of my concern, and this seems so vain, is the bleeding or the ink and sagging of the art over time. I have seen those who take care of their tats, and they look good, but I have also seen what happens to that hula girl on your arm after decades of sun, muscle mass changes, and general skin wear and tear. Then again, will I care? Hell, I might be dead by 40.

Will it hurt?
Yes, I mean, duh. I think the pain is not so much the needles, but after the first pass when the area gets nice and sore, and then they have to make a second pass to color it in. But how much? Will it be tolerable? Will my body react badly to the ink? I know certain, "bony" parts hurt more than "fleshy" parts, but how much can *I* tolerate?

Most of these questions are rhetorical, and I don't expect or need answers because they are either "well, it's up to you" and the rest have been helpfully supplied by Christine, Rogue, Suzi, Eden, Missie, and all my other tattooed friends (and coworkers).

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