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Happy Birthday to my Scorpion Sistas!

Today was Scorpion Sista Sawa's birthday, and we had it at the The Amphoras in Vienna. Good memories. Made even better by the following phrases:

- Cooking with the octopus .
- Who's the bear now?

Don't you just love the private jokes? In addition to me, Christine, CR, and Sawa, we had Rogue (another Sista), Missie, and Travis. My god, we were the loudest, most obnoxious people at that table. My birthday is this weekend, and Rogue's is next week. Our present to Sawa was the dinner and cake (Amphora's world-famous double chocolate mousse cake), and for Rogue (who has no car at the moment), we're driving her to see her mom next weekend. Happy birthday, guys! You rule...

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my friend Neal's brother Glen! Another Scorpio.

Speaking of Neal, he went to my Amazon.com wish list and got me a book, "Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships," by Eric, M.D. Berne. I got it when I came home today, and started reading it right away. It was not the kind of book I thought it was going to be, but it was very useful, and I think I'm going to refer to it a lot in this blog over time. It was short reading, too, I finished it in a few hours, and a whole new world was open to me. Some of it was very elightening. I had a lot of "projection" issues to work through, because I kept going, "Oh, MAN, I would NEVER do that, how... wrong!" but I knew that even if this book was written in 1964, most of it is still true. I thought some of the "games" were appalling, hostile, and incredibly manipulative. But if they are true, that would explain a lot. This could be the key to better understanding how humans react because two of the "games" I read right away unlocked the myserty of some incident in my past that left me going... "What? What the..? What was THAT all about?" Now I can say, "Oh, they call this the 'Frigid Woman,'" or "I totally misunderstood, but he must have thought I was playing 'The Schlemeil' or "The Wooden Leg.'" The book isn't all right, for instance. One of the huge errors I noticed right away was near the end where a therapist and patient have a "logical conversation" without any manipulation. It seemed so odd and stilted, that I am sure that in the real world, you would have immediately been viewed as "hinding something," even if you weren't. Even I knew that. But I am not throwing the baby out with the bathwater on this one; there's a lot of good stuff in this text, even if a lot of it is dry reading.

But enough of that. I have a bad cold. Not a "massive martian death flu" like I was fearing last week, I think this is a separate issue. The "death flu" never came, but last night I got a horrible head cold, which is probably just a strong bout of normal rhinovirus. But it was a bummer to be sick all day at work (I left early and slept until it was time to go to Sawa's party), and now I'll probably have a cold through the weekend. And this sucks because this weekend is my big birthday bash!

I turn 35 (I don't "mature" like wine, I "turn" like vinegar), and I will be celebrating it with 20-30 of my closest friends. The guest list was up to 40, but a lot of people had other plans, so they've apologized, and sent gifts or letters of happy thoughts in lieu of their attendance. But our house will be packed with good friends, good food, and Christine has spent all year writing another murder mystery party for everyone. This year's theme is a Circus. Almost everyone has been really excited by the parts they got, and I hope they have a great time. I'll have a great time just by being there with them. I have some of the most awesome, interesting, and cool-ass friends, man.

God, I hope I remember to take pictures.

Hint: One of those phrases has to do with something naughty, and the other has to do with giving a swirly to some poor goth kid

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