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Another party down. Christine ran a great game of a murder mystery with a circus theme (last year's was a goofy Goth theme). Next year, she's going to do one based on cartoons. But about 20 people or made it to my party, I lost count. I got to meet a few new people, too, and everyone had a great time. I got a few presents, too, like some antique Legos (thank you, Matt), gift cards (thanks Travis and Dave), and a lovely quilt hanging by Missie (who on top of being a librarian, dancer, and head of a woman's eating disorder charity, is also a gifted seamstress and artist). Some of the costumes people wore were awesome, and we gave out prizes to the person who solved the mystery (April), best costume (Sawa), and the guy who pulled Duck #1 (Tim, husband of Melissa the teacher, not to be confused with Missie, her friend). I said the following at the party, and I'll say it here again:

When I was 15, in theater, a guy named Kurt Van Quill gave me some really good advice. First, he told me that if I was such a loner, and wanted friends, to go find other loners and form a group. Most of them want friends, too. Second, he said to always surround myself with people more skilled than I was. That way, I will become a better person by learning things. I have taken this advice all my life since then, and because of this, I am blessed to have the best and brightest friends anyone could ever hope for.

That's why I like to give them a good time at my birthday as a sort of thanks for making me a better person.

Yes, photos are forthcoming!

Some highlights:
- Rogue got to tell "the Bear" story about someone she works with, who used to be a homicide detective in DC. Sadly this person has explicitly stated stories about "the Bear" cannot be put on the web (or it would be on Rogue's site in a heartbeat), so I must honor his request, or he might break jump on my table, break my arm, and sit on my cake.
- Dave and Travis played Siamese twins, and their characters were fighting most of the party.
- I, for one, am glad Travis and April have found each other because they make a great couple. I also found it was April who was the source of the story that ended up giving us the phrase, "Cooking with the octopus." See, she was in a skit as a pirate cook, when her fake parrot fell off her shoulder into the cooking pot by accident, leading to her explaining the fate of the parrot.
- For those keeping score, cjae's character, the dog trainer, did it.
- Kris Trader got stuck at another party, and came very late, but I was glad she came just the same!
- Widget was kid of freaked out at first, but we let him mingle with the people. he didn't bite anyone this time, and I think he's getting better with large groups of people. Although he still barks a lot if someone comes in the door. Ahfu loved everyone, of course. Except if you stole his duck.
- Sorry to all those who went into the condemned bathroom. I'll put up a sign next time.

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