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Turkey Day and Black Friday - Recap

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Attendees were Christine, CR, Sara, and myself. We ate the usual: turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet yams, green bean casserole, stuffing, cranberry blob, and gravy. Nothing went wrong. Food was good, company was good, and no one fought or anything. Sometimes, boring is good!

I made the mashed potatoes and did a majority of the cleaning, because I am good at both. The mashed potatoes are nothing spectacular, but everyone always says how good they are. I just do 5-6 large Idaho baking potatoes, cut into half-inch thick round slices, boil until they start to break up (15-20 min), drain, put in huge steel mixer (I love my Kitchenaid), mix until mashed, add half a stick of butter, add milk until desired consistency, then salt to taste. Add fresh pepper if you like that sort of thing (I do). Cleaning is what I do, and since I am from the "clean as you go" philosophy taught to me by my mother, I almost never leave a mess behind (in fact, in most cases, the kitchen is left cleaner than when I arrived, because while waiting for the potatoes to boil, I am right there with nothing to do, so I clean).

Then Sara had to leave, and so Christine and I spent the rest of the night, relaxing in the bedroom.

Today, I got up, and went to Fair Oaks Mall for my annual "Black Friday" celebration, and it was boring in a good way, too. No one was rude! Well, there was one fight, but it was between some teen and a mall worker, but that was verbal dissing only. People said "I'm sorry," in an apologetic way when they bumped into you. Most stores were crowded, but manageable (again, politeness goes a long way). Most salespeople

The only store that was INSANE was KB Toys, which was so packed, they had a girl directing traffic. You could only enter in one side, and exit another (those not used to mall stores, it's usually just one big, wide entrance, but they partitioned off corridors simply by the sheer amount of toys piled everywhere). There were three lines from the front of the store's registers that went all the way to the back. You didn't go in that store to browse or shop: you went in knowing what you wanted, you grabbed it, then waited 30 minutes to pay for it. It was a madhouse.

Another crowded, but more "roamable" store was one of my new favorites since 2002: Hot Topic. I swear, that store is better than cake, and almost as addictive. It's sort of "Glam-goth," but who cares. I got even more small buttons for my backpack. Too bad I am a guy, though, because I have no use for a coffin-shaped purse, but I want one anyway! I liked the new Dry Ice store as well. Ugh! I am like half teen goth girl, I swear. Spooky.

Then there was Mogu. The only thing saving me from buying a Mogu is I am cheap bastard, and won't pay $38 plus tax for a pillow. But damn, what a ... well, they appropriately call it a "relaxation aide," but it looks like a soft cylindrical pillow. I had heard about it from some of my Japanese friends, but quickly forgot about it as JAWJT (Just Another Weird Japanese Thing). Now I understand. Brookstone was carrying it and it's irresistibly touchy-feely. It's made of a stretchy skin (like a spandex leotard, but much softer to the touch, like a mircoweave fabric of some kind), and inside are thousands of mini foam beads (much, much smaller than a beanbag chair... more like a foam sand), creating a feel that's impossible to describe. It feels slightly liquid, slightly foam-bean-bag like, very soft and squishy. It's like the most huggable object ever. It can be used like a teddy bear or a pillow. It's hard to put down, and I passed by the store three times before I had to tear myself away, mumbling something about not being cat-proof and justifying $38 for a pillow.

[howls at the sky, camera pans back in the rain] MOGU!!!!!!

[pant pant]

I'm okay now. But I have had a good day, as you can see.

Mogu... m-mogu... moooguuuuu....

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