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Cool Shirt - Limited Time

This is going to seem weird, but ah hell, who cares.

YA3WAT (Yet Another 3WA Thing). Yes, I know Sara A. and I don't get along, but even though I can't change other people's opinions, I still think her board is pretty cool. A lot of good people with some good ideas are on that board, and they are having another fund raiser through Cafe Express. This logo has to be one of the funniest logos I have seen in a while and they have had it before. I think it's a combo from ready.gov and some of her own artistic spin from clip art.

Sara A. made this one phrase I still use, "One thing I have learned is to keep you hands out of the crazy." I don't know why I like that quote so much, but it's true, and it's pretty funny with that logo, with hands being crushed into gears of someone else's psychodrama. Many times my life has been messed up because I had my hands in the crazy. I care about people, I really do, but sometimes you just have to pull your hands away and go, "You know what... I am no longer a part of this..." Intelligence will tell you to keep your hands out of the crazy, but wisdom will tell you when that happens. I am still gaining wisdom thought the "Oh no, not another learning experience" moments...

Anyway, it's a great logo, and if you are looking for a great gift, and want to support a board full of witty, smart, and cool people (who are also some of the web's most kick-ass journalists), pick out something from their shop. I created the "WW3WD" (What Would 3WA Do?) idea, and also have the "Forbidden Smiley," (created by Dark Sidhe) which always commands attention wherever I go.

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