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Well, for those who are used to nearly daily updates in my main blog, you're probably wondering, "WTF? Punkie, you alive?" Yeah, I am fine, and itching to make more entries. But my blog is frozen in time on the old webserver, waiting for the new server to be repointed. The new Slack box he's set up is already hosting a site, but the DNS for my web pages are still pointing to the old box. In addition, Christine's web sites are pointing to it as well. Not that she has anything up, but finally they are not just pointing to nothing like they have been for the past year. Brad will get around to resetting the DNS once he's sure the new box can take the load he expects. My web page load is miniscule compared to his, but you know how it is. I am patient, because once he's got something running, it stays running for a long time, so I'll always wait a little longer for quality.

My friend Simon said when he gets his T1 up, I can host a server on it. I am serious considering it. I am thinking of playing with an OpenBSD box I have, and giving it to him to put there. I might do some security testing with it. Look out, world, get ready to be pwn3d! [not really]

I'm going to Vegas next week. I have a schedule finally, so I'm going to try and hook up with "Madadmin" from Madpenguin.com. He helped write the book (literally) on Snort, but since he's been working so hard on the latest release, he's said he doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Heh. I totally understand.
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