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... And Wil Wheaton responds!

You might have thought I was kidding about asking Wil Wheaton, a famous blogger, for advice about Trinity7. Wil's been through a lot, and often the best place to get advice is not from someone above it all, but who's been there. Don't ask a consultant for answers, ask the men in the trenches. So I asked him if he edited HIS comments (and his blog gets a lot). His answer was like from a good tarot reader:

From: wil_@t_wilwheaton.net

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Grig Larson combined 1s and 0s thusly:
> But part of me feels like I'd be cheating if I deleted every
> poster that doesn't agree with me. Am I just a whimp?

There is a world of difference between someone who doesn't agree with you, and
someone who is an asshole. My best friend and I rarely agree on anything, but
he's not an asshole, and I try not to be one either.

Keep in mind, also, that people project on you how they feel about themselves.
happy people tend to compliment, while unhappy people tend to attack. At the
end of it all, it's got very little to do with *you* or *me*.

Does that help you?


Yes, Wil, it did. Thank you for setting my head on straight.

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