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Eating Update, plus Cultural faux pas with gifts across the pond...

Today marks a small note about my new way of eating.

Eating the old way, like I used to? Now seems to make me sick. I don't know if it's psychosomatic, but suddenly I can't take greasy foods anymore. I had a very delicious crab cake sandwich and fries, a slice of cake, and I became very ill from it. It's a weird kind of ill, like I feel as if I have overeaten, and I am having a heart attack. I mean, my left side goes numb, I am dizzy, and it's not a good thing. It always goes away eventually, but it incapacitates me for a while.

This morning, I weighed myself, and the scale showed 302.5. I know this will probably flux a few pounds upwards, but this marks the lowest weight I have had in years. I could be all bold and say I have now lost 25 pounds, but I think when I weighed 328, it was at the high point of my 10 pound flux. Speaking of that flux, I may have mentioned earlier that my weight always used to go up and down, about 3 times every 2 months or so. Like my last pattern would be 315-325, sometimes dropping to 312, sometimes as high as 330. Well, that flux has totally stopped, and I have relaxed weighing myself daily, since that was really the only reason I did so (it proved that the Atkins diet was killing me in 1998, I gained 15 pounds in one week, and I felt horrible). But I do weigh myself every few days or so, making sure to weigh myself every Sunday. I think on Sunday, I'll be 303 or so, and I think losing one pound a week is a good pace. If that were to keep up, I'd be 52 pounds lighter by next Christmas, but I seriously don't think I'll be 250 in 2004. I think I may be 280, because some weeks, I don't lose weight at all, and dropping to 250 seems awfully drastic for one year. I mean, that's like my 1992 weight. Around 220 is my final goal, because when I was 186, I looked like hell, and I don't care what the weight/height charts say! I think realistically, I will attain 220 or so by late 2005, maybe 2006 if I don't give up or die or something.

I have some giddy news, too. My Swedish cousins gave me gifts. This thrilled me to no end. Jon Eric and Siv joined together to send my family gifts. They were nicely wrapped and everything. The card said that they did get my gifts last year (I was only aware for a few of them that sent thank you notes), so that was a relief. But they also said that it's not usual for adults in Sweden to exchange gifts. Huh. Well, I feel a bit sheepish now. I was imagining how confused they must have been when I sent ALL of them gifts, and there's only like 3 kids aged 9 and below. Cultural faux pas. Sven told me he didn't want presents because it was for kids, but he didn't explain that ALL Swedes felt this way. I'll have to look into this. But still, it was great just to feel remembered! They are awesome...

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