punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Merry Belated Christmas!

Good title, I think. :)

I have had a good Winter Holiday so far. Good gifts were had by all. I got a lot of stuff, including:

- Tee-shirts: Megatokyo (3v1l m1ni0|\|), "I'm Blogging this," and "There's no place like"
- An Airzooka. Dogs hate it.
- A <ahref="http://www.megatokyo.com/">Megatokyo</a> graphic novel, and matching lanyard. Great GN!
- A HUGE, and I mean huge, Linux Kernel 2.4 poster. It's as big as those oversized rock posters.
- A Mogu! Makes sleeping fuuuun....
- A ton of weird stuff from Archie McPhee
- A new button for my backpack, a kitty.
- Soft clogs, for when I have to gather firewood.
- Lots of chocolate
- A Lego mosaic kit with a picture of my kitty, Artoo.
- A fog blaster, that shoots real fog rings.

I know my dairy entries haven't been coming this week, but there's been work, family, the holidays, and the usual stuff. I'll have entries later (I have some saved up). For my many Jewish friends, Happy Hanukkah! For you Philcon people, I wrote a song for you on the BWSMOF list:

* I have a little fan con, a pre-reg I did pay
* And provided it's not snowing, I'll make it there today.
* Oh, Philcon, Philcon, Philcon, a pre-reg I did pay
* Philcon, Philcon, Philcon, with fandom I shall play.
* NUN - next person in the hallway wearing a yarmulke spins the dreidel
* GIMEL - player buys an item he/she doesn't need from the merchant's room
* HEY - player takes must wear all buttons found on freebie table
* SHIN - player must read a passage from "Eye of Argon" with a straight face

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