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Linux - Being l33t and crap

Working with computers puts me into Nerdvana. I really should get help. It appeals to both my techy-geeky-builder side and my artistic side. But lately, it's been appealing to my ego as well.

I just keep doing things right. I mean, I just end up fixing things really quickly. In the last few minutes, a cowworker I like said, "Crap! They changed the WINS on the network, and I can't remember the root password to my box! Samba isn't working, and I ned to change the WINS server. How do I reset the root password? How do I change Samba? How do I get the WINS updated on the network?" He said he needed an hour of my time to fix it. Hah!

Not to l33t man!

[cue music]

  1. Hack root password in mode 1. Check.
  2. Alter WINS SERVER in smb.conf. Check.
  3. Do "service smb restart." Check.
  4. Map to box. Game, set, match! Boo-ya!

Total time: 3 minutes (including instructions to coworker).


Jesus, I need to lay off the coffee. This kind of arrogance will upset the Gods. Need ego check.

"Oh yeah? Upgrade KDE from 3.2.1 to 3.2.3 on your Fedora Box without dependency issues." PPPPBPBpppbbbbthtbthbthbth... [fwup].

[whew] Godly strike averted.

"... and you're still fat!"

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