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Evecon 21 - The First Day

Here I am, geeking in the computer room, on a Linux box that serves as the gateway to the default network. I hope you all had a happy New Year. I did. I spent it at Sean's house with a lot of people. But then I caught a cold from his son, Kieran, and was out in the cold having the most interesting conversation that I have had in a long time with a good friend (but, sadly, it is as private as it is interesting). I have a good feeling he's about to find the happiness in his life that has eluded him since childhood.

By Thursday, I felt very sick. Stuffy head, fever aches, rattle in my chest... ugh. And before Evecon? "AUAUAUAGGHH!!!" as Charlie Brown might have said. So I took a lot of echinachea, vitamin C, Tylenol, and a ton of Hawaiian coffee (Kona Blue Sky - Ohana Blend... I *highly* recommend), and stayed in bed even though my friends were going out to see "Return of the King." I really wanted to see "Return of the King," but I wanted to be well more. Turns out it was a good thing, because the theater was aparently playing the version of the hard of hearing, ala Garret Morris in SNL: the movie was LOUD!!! I would have gotten very sick. But instead, I stayed home, ate light, and slept with a heating pad, and by the evening I felt good enough to go out to eat with my family, Chris Trader, and Sawa. Then we arrived for con set-up, but most of it was done already.

I am still taking echinachea every few hours, and I feel better, although a bit tired. We left in a rush, as usual we were running late, and now I am just bumming around the con (ie. the computer room). I feel sad this is the last one, and I am sure that will get worse as the weekend goes on.

More bulletins as situations warrant...

[PS: Since I am not near spellcheckers, please excuse my horrible misspellings in the blogs over the next few days]

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