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Remnants from Last Year

Here are some odd remnants from last month that didn't make it to my blog, but I saved for later. I had them saved on a machine to tack onto another post, but they got left behind, and now they're all jumbled up.

Years ago, I was watching this copy of a copy of a copy of a tape that Christine got from her work. It was a "up with you" type of video, designed to make employees feel better about themselves. I have always wondered if they ever lost people from such tapes; employees who went, "I could do better than THIS job, I'm leaving!" But I digress. This woman was very funny, and I can't remember her name, but she had one line I'll never forget:

"When I wake up in the morning, I say, 'I'm BACK!'"

I think my goals in life would be finished if I thought like this. What an ultimate positive and exciting way to wake up. Often, I wake up thinking, "Oh man... I want to sleep more..." or "My head hurts..." or "My back is sore..."

Pet report
Widget has a problem with bald patches of fur on his butt. Turns out this is a genetic problem with Poms, and the breeder has given me some self-described "voodoo-advice," including shampooing him with Dawn every other day, and wearing a sweater (not to hide the patches, but sometimes constant rubbing of cloth on the skin "unclogs" the fur pores). She's aware of the problem, admitted her solutions were not perfect, and my studies on the web confirm what she said. Widget Baldy-butt.

It seems there's also been some politcal shifting happening among our cats. Artoo is still the same alpha male, but Cosmo has been trying to assert his dominace everywhere, and has become troublesome. Thisby has been a lot more friendly, although she's still skittish. Storm is more like her crazy old self, but has now returned to being more people-oriented, which may be the catalyst for the recent upset. Storm and Cosmo fight a lot now, which is new. I think that Cosmo is trying to be beta male over Storm's alpha female position. Thisby is taking a shot at Storm as well by coming when you call Storm's name (and Storm comes to Thisby's name), and both want equal attention. Storm doesn't have to worry about Thisby so much, because Thisby is still completely insane and paranoid, and petting Thisby has a 1 in 10 chance her attacking you, and a 7 in 10 chance of her freaking out and running away. But the whole political shift revolves around Storm, it seems. Artoo and the dogs still have an uneasy peace. The dogs really hate Cosmo for some reason, and attack him a lot when they can get to him. Cosmo is very attached to CR, and lets CR do anything to him. Artoo is the same way with me, and so sometimes I dance with him, put things on his head, and poke him for no good reason.

CR Got a Laptop
CR got a Win98 Laptop. A girl at Christine's work got a new one, and Christine's workplace gave it to CR. A Dell Inspiron 3700 (Cel 433/32mb RAM). I bought new memory, installed 256mb RAM ($40), got a Xircom PCMCIA NIC ($30) so now he has network access. The original owner hasn't returned the CD-ROM yet, so he can't play games. He's already covered it with stickers. Since CR got an Alphasmart 3000 and a m505 Palm Pilot, he's all hooked up for a 13-year old.

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