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EveCon XXI - What a Long Strange Trip It's Been, Part 3: Some random events...

Here are some random things that happened that didn't fit well in what I wrote, but I'd like to look back on when I read this later on in life.

Christine, who uses our main credit card account online due to the fact I haven't gotten her own card (my bad, it's not like she hasn't asked), told me on December 31st, "Hey, our cards expire today!" They sure did. I called the bank, and they said, "We sent them back in November. We didn't get them, which is not a great shock, because our mail person is routinely losing mail (like, we'll find bundles on the road), putting wrong mail in our box (and ours in other people's boxes), and sometimes doesn't deliver mail at all. I knew something major like this would happen eventually, but luckily, no one has seemed to be using our cards, because no one activated them and no unauthorized purchases have been made on them. The bank sent us new cards right to the hotel, and so we had a package waiting for us on Friday. So during that time, we had to use our "spare cards," which we usually only use for emergencies. They have a high rate, and this sucks.

I could tell Cheryl was not happy with the hotel. I am not going to pry, but she did use the word "idiots" more than I am used to hearing from her. Apparently, the restaurant was friendlier than the hotel was, and even though they didn't have as many buffets as they used to, Cheryl persuaded them to at least have a lunch buffet, and I think one dinner one. I sat next to Bomber and his current entourage, and had one of those many pangs I felt over the weekend: this may be the last I ever see of this person... Sure, I'll see some at Balticon, but ... not all of them. I'll miss Bomber. He's so cool.

I stole an EveCon sign. Sort of like a souvenir, it's a small neon red sign posterboard with Bruce's handwriting that just says "EveCon" in black marker. I put it up on my den so I wouldn't feel so bad and lonely. It was up at Registration for years, and I was sitting next to the sign before Closing Ceremonies, and after deliberating for a few minutes, I just took it. It wasn't attached with more than masking tape. I am pathetic ... but I am also surprised there wasn't more looting.

I lost my "Hello Kitty" Goth pin. It had one of those crummy pin backs, and it either fell off in Sawa's car, our car, or somewhere at the con. I am bummed, but I know I can get another for $3 at Hot Topic, so I am not SERIOUSLY bummed, but I couldn't show it off at the con.

The Airzooka was a big hit. I thought people had heard of it before, but apparently not, and congoers though this was so cool, that they wanted me to shoot them over and over. It's a funnel that shoots toroids of air like blowing a huge, invisible, high-velocity smoke ring. It feels like you have just been hit by a ball of air, and travels up to 30 feet. Well folks, like I told everyone, it's at ThinkGeek, and it's only $20 (plus shipping): http://www.thinkgeek.com/cubegoodies/toys/60b6/

I wore my "There's no place like" tee-shirt on Saturday, and people LOVED it. I mean, I knew it was kind of geeky-funny, but the huge slew of comments and questions I got about it was a bit surprising. Most got it. Some didn't, but they asked. A few did what I first did when I saw it on ThinkGeek (also a Christmas present), "There's no place like the loopback? Oh, HOME! Ha ha ha [snort]!" I thought the "I'm blogging this" shirt I wore Sunday would get a similar response, but only a few people mentioned it in passing. Go figure. Well, I blogged it!

Bruce's apparently hurt his back. Bruce is helping Sean and I pass our CCNA (which, I just got the notice will be approved at work, since we just inherited a whole bunch of switches), but it's been delayed until Sunday. I hope he feels better.

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