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Snow, Happy Birthday Blog, and Money

Today was a washout. I am working from home (thank you, Cisco VPN), because I felt terrible when I woke up, and then this really dry, slippery snow was everywhere. Christine almost wrecked twice getting CR to school, only half a mile or so away. Our little blue Saturn SC3 is so terrible in the snow. I am surprised that Fairfax County didn't cancel school, because they usually they are so sensitive, and have, in the past, closed even though no snow was on the ground yet. Sometimes it didn't snow at all (although, that hasn't happened very recently).

My blog (in this format) is now over a year old! When I first started, I thought I'd flake after April or May, but this blog has been so cathartic, I can't stop. I know it helped me feel better over the holidays. I can write and forget, which is something I have been needing to do for a long time, and I can also organize my thoughts, see where I've been, and keeping it public keeps me honest. The blog has also kept me writing, which is also good. It kept me in contact with friends (some I hadn't heard from in a while), and helped me make new ones. It killed time I had at work between waiting for something to happen, and being unable to do anything but sit. In fact, even with issues like "Trinity7," it's helped me out by being a testbed in some skills, both personal and network hacking. In fact, I'd recommend blogging to any writer, or someone who just wants to be one.

Financially, I am still not in good shape, although I am a lot better than I thought I'd be in January. Our methods of saving money, plus a small cash bonus I got in December (not from my work), plus a severe reduction in Christmas costs, put me in the black for January, even if it's only $300 (I thought I'd be at -$700). I haven't even maxxed out one card, and my expenses on all but one now will now be only payments until the balances go back to zero (barring any emergencies, I estimate they will be paid off by spring). The winter has been fairly mild, so my heating bills have been almost half of last year's at the same time. My stock portfolio is also creeping up a bit, although it's still a massive loss from where it used to be. Oh, and my bank and paycheck? It was deposited 5 days late, but did make it! Wow.

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