punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

What Do You Do with a Doggie Like Widget...?

Widget's got some macho problems, man. His' all of 4lbs of wee tiny dog, but acts like he's some angry German Shepherd. He's suspicious of strangers, barks a lot, and growls at people passing by our house. He's bitten people, too. Not like poodles you see in TV and movies who nip at your ankles, but he'll jump high into the air and try and bite you at the arc of his jump, usually around waist level. He's the harsh to Ahfu's mellow. Sometimes, Widget goes so crazy, Ahfu has to jump on his head, and then Widget goes "Yipe yipe yipe...!" and squeals like a pig. How annoying. I need to get him out more, to meet more people.

With Ahfu, we properly socialized him at a very young age. He's all about people, and his only problem is he has food issues. Like, he's incredibly addicted to food. He'll attack anyone who tries to steal food from him, and if you have food, he's 100% loyal to you if he thinks you have some to give him. But he's pretty mellow the rest of the time.

Widget is also a runner. He runs around like a little horse. I call him "Itsyhippus," a name I stole from a gag science book. He gallops all over the place when he gets excited.

I should have stayed with Pekingese.

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