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AMV - Not for wussies

Anime music videos... what a day. Over 55 entries. Judging anime music videos can be a hard process. I mean, I know some of these people pour their heart and soul into making these, but ... if I had to make a "to do" list, here's some tips:

Make sure you have an idea to convey. We saw a lot of videos that were just a collection of clips to a piece of music. That's... really dull. Some were even disqulaified because it was literally one clip with one song backdrop. That's not fan dedication under fair use, that's copyright violation.

Be original. Eva, Trigun, and Cowboy Bebop have been done to death now. It looks like the Animatrix is next. We have also officially gotten sick of Europe's "The Final Countdown" as a soundtrack.

Make sure your video follows the guidelines. Like if the submission requirements say no X or R-rated material, do not have clips where someone is giving oral to a girl in a jacuzzi, or being raped by a demon until she's bleeding from the mouth. Like, ew.

Make sure the media works. Some were disqualified because they were on bad VHS tapes, broken CDs, CD-Rs that had not been "closed" after burning, or had missing video or audio tracks. Before you submit them, check the media in someone else's player.

Unlike last year, there were NO Sailor Moon videos, which was good, and almost all of the videos were of great or at least acceptable quality. But a lot of them seemed...

... I am not a mean person. I realize many people work very hard at making these, pay a lot for video editing software, and watch a lot of anime. And maybe they will get better. My earlier writing sometimes makes me cringe. But just be glad that the ones you see at our anime con have been... screened down to a handful. We watch the mopey teen dedications, confusing montages, and just plain dull videos so you won't have to.

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