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Coffee... coffee coffee coff-ay!

I know I've said this before, but I didn't like coffee until I went to Sweden, and realized that there was such a thing as "good coffee." For a while, I was only drinking Gevalia Dark Stockholm Roast, but last year, I took some advice from a friend of mine. He said when he was in Seattle, he went to this "Hawaiian Foods" store, and found this amazing coffee that he said was better than the European coffee he preferred, some brand from Amsterdam. He went on about how Hawaii was the ultimate place to grow coffee, and then wouldn't shut up about it. So finally, I went to Kona Blue Sky Coffee, and ordered the sampler pack.

Wow. That was some good coffee. It's expensive (like $8.50 for a half-pound), but I don't drink coffee daily, so half a pound lasts about a year, unless your friend Travis comes over and drinks it from a large Pyrex measuring bowl :-D. My favorite blend is Ohana, dark roast, freshly ground, but they are all good. So, here's my top 5 coffees:

1. Kona Blue Sky Coffee, Ohana dark roast
2. Gevalia, Stockholm dark roast
3. Cafe du Monde, Chicory roast
4. Starbucks, the "coffee while going out" choice
5. Dunkin' Donuts, no really, their coffee isn't half bad!

I prefer milk and raw cane sugar, but powdered light creamer and NutraSweet are good, too! And better for my new way of eating.

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