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I am typing this from a dungeon computer somewhere in the belly of Microsoft HQ in Reston. I am in VB.NET training classes today, and most of this week, so entries will be scarce. But I have been alerted by two people that my "comments" section is on the fritz. I think my journal has started to tax the limits of the Greymatter software.

Microsoft HQ in Reston is in a generic silver-steel and glass building, one of the many buildings they have erected in the last few years around here, in what used to be a beautiful series of woods and nature paths. It has a cheap aluminum siding feel to it, and still has the "new building" smell. The digs are nice, and we get free pizza and soda, so it's not a bad experience so far.

The teacher is pretty good. MUCH better than the last guy, who among other things, was obsessed with the fact that Billy Bob Thornton and Angilina Jolie had broken up. He also bosted he "posted on the Usenet," like that was some great accomplishment. Gee. I feel special. This teacher knows a lot, is irreverent towards the Evil Overlords, answers questions fairly well, and you can hear him when he speaks. Which is nice, especially when the guy next to you is bothering you all the time.

Yeah, the same guy from my RHCE class.

Oh well.

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