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Meme - Take the first sentence...

Stolen from webqatch... and I love a challenge.

You take the first sentence from every month from your journal, and put it all together so you can sit back and go 'I really AM a freak' and take a good look at 2004. Ta-da!

Okay, until recently, my Live Journal was very... technical, and some months had nothing at all, so there's less than 12 sentences. So I have two: one from LJ, and one from my old Greymatter.

LiveJournal 2004
Here I am, geeking in the computer room, on a Linux box that serves as the gateway to the default network. There is no spoon. The problem with America is stupidity. Man, I had this kick-ass "How-to" on a CD-ROM-less Gentoo install all ready to go, but I used TomsRtBt disk, and after 2 hours of carefully studying and documenting everything step by step, I got to the "chroot /mnt/gentoo /bin/bash" command, and then I got a "FATAL: Kernel too old." Today was one of those "I need it nowwww!" kind of days at work. Earlier this year, I built my first superbox in almost 3 years. My pal ironkite is the best. I got a lot of comments about "what, are they nuts???" about the move, but there are some good things for me. I got a call from stodgycat, who said that he heard my company had a huge round of layoffs today. I find the weirdest stuff on the web while looking for something else.

Greymatter 2004
I have a great EveCon 21 review, but I haven't finished it yet, and there's a lot I want to say (all good, no worries). I suck at taking pictures. I have toyed with the idea of doing standup comedy off and on most of my life. I got up late today, and I feel like I have woken up on the other side. Well, with Christine gone to pick up Fran in Florida, and CR being gone most of yesterday in Science Olympiad, I have gotten a lot of housework done. Yesterday was a pretty cool barbecue. Okay, according to the geeks at Ars Technica, the word "Extreme" will be henceforth stricken from the public vocabulary. So far, this weekend has been disaster-free. I am not sure how I feel about this. We have a giant first aid placard in all our kitchens. I don't have a college degree, something that shocks a few people from time to time. I used to say about one of my friends, "If you haven't heard from her in a while, that means her life is doing good."
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