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Katsu excitement

Well, today was the Katsucon 10 last-chance panic meeting. Every convention has one of these. It's the last chance for any major changes, and it's kind of like the pre-game kickoff for a con. This one went rather smoothly, and the usual last-minute emergencies were annouced. Even for me.

Opening ceremonies didn't change much, but I found I am not doing Cosplay technical judging this time because Sue and Tom got Marty Gear (from Balticon) to do it. This doesn't hurt me in the least, because I know Marty, and he'll be great. I can't be another judge because I am doing the Cosplay Halftime, "Whose Katsu is it Anyway," and last year being technical judge was done BEFORE the Cosplay due to the difficult interviewing, hand-inspecting, and so on. One less thing to worry about! Except we lost a "Whose Katsu" player because he was sent to... well, he's military, so you know. So we're one player short. Maybe two, since we haven't heard from another guy (but he didn't contact us last year, either, and showed up anyway). On top of that, tech wants any slides I use *ahead* of time, and very soon (understandable). But I won't be able to give names, so I'll have to assign numbers or something. I am also going to have to find and then wear something formal for the Anime Music Video Awards. I hate formal. Bleah.

But the biggest issue is finding another (good) improv performer. I have some ideas, but I'll have to conact them first. You know who you are... how about doing improv in front of an anime audience of 2000? Anyone? Beuller?

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