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Sorry, no "Theme"

I got a letter today from some group that said it considered putting my blog up for an example, and had been voted on because they liked the writing quality and frequency of updates, but I was disqualified because the people in charge of ranking could not find a "theme" to my blog.

I laughed when I saw this. Well, uh, sorry. I have no "theme" I can attach to. I think if I tried to find a theme, it would have to alter all my posts to that theme, and then it would seem rather silly. My friend Neal sent me a documentary of his honeymoon once, and in the various pages of his trip through Hawaii, he not only included insightful comments, but also kept reviewing the iced tea at every restaurant he went to. From 7-11 to the fine hotel restaurant to the bed and breakfast inn and all points in between. I noted this, and Neal said it was for those whole like subtle humor. I liked that little addendum; it sort of made the story, "My Honeymoon and Hawaiian Iced Tea Ratings."

The letter made me think that maybe I should do something similar, but I have no ideas. But it's got the gears a-whirrin' in my head. Hmmm...

In a slightly related note, I think I may have to drop Greymatter as my blogging software. Right now, I have about 600 entries, and updating is getting slower and slower. When I visit the Greymatter forums, I am seeing a lot of people starting to slow down and get timeouts at about 900 entries. This is apparently a result of this software not having any sort of database to connect to, so certain files just get bigger and bigger, and thus take longer to parse through. I am studying Moveable Type, which seems to be a good choice to move to, and is part of why suddenly the "www.punkadyne.com" no long is an alias to www.punkwalrus.com. I plan to separate my journal into 3 parts: one for the blog, one for a technical journal, and one for links and quotes I come across. But now I have to build a mock-up at home locally on Linux, test how everything works, and then upload it to Silverdragon, and hope it works just as well on Sun OS. :)

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