punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Blast from the past, one from the vaults, ripped from the crypts

I got some mail the other day. It was bundled together with a fat rubber band. Sometimes our mail comes to us this way, but only once in a while.

Our postal carrier is notoriously bad at delivering mail. We have lost mail here and there, and many times we get someone else's mail. It's gotten so that I have to look at a bill, to make sure it's mine, before I open it. I have accidentally opened other people's cable bills and gas cards, for instance. "What's this, another application for a Visa? Oh... no, it's Bob's credit card bill from down the street. Hmmm... he orders a lot of stuff from the same address in New Jersey." Sometimes people get our mail, and give it to us in person, or just leave it in our box later. That's what I do a lot, too. Except that one day recently when the carrier gave everyone the wrong mail, off by one house to the left. We all got to meet our neighbors to the right that day. Sometimes, I have found mail just lying in the street. Often packages in fat envelopes. When I put "return to sender" on envelopes, the mail carrier never picks them up. Sometimes, I'll mail it from elsewhere, and it gets sent right back to my house. My mail carrier cheerfully delivers mail, with "return to sender" right back to my address. It's like they are hinting for me to throw it away. A lot of us have complained, and it will get better after a while, but the problem just keeps coming back.

I didn't open the bundle until today, because I needed to do bills. The bundle was odd. I opened the first letter from the pile, and it was from Sprint, claiming I still owed them $46.00. I growled and swore, since I switched to Verizon in November, until I saw the bill date: June 16, 2003. Holy crap, that was late! Then I saw the next bill. A cell phone bill from July of 2003. There were those replacement credit cards we never got (and thus, reported stolen) back in November! A bank statement from October, and a few postcards stating our pets were due for shots back in August. Oops. A notice our license plates had to be renewed by the end of January! Got to work on that now! But the saddest was a Christmas card, opened, from my late sister-in-law, Brenda. Mailed in December of 2002. She had passed away in February of 2003.

Why did we get a bundle of late mail? Was it from the post office? Or some neighbor that just collected them in a pile for the last year or so, to give to us all at once? Oddly enough, not one piece was junk mail, it was all mail personally addressed to us.

I guess better late than never, huh?

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