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More on the new site

I should be sleeping, but my brain has been far more active than normal. I never did figure out Sendmail today, although the lure of Postfix is awfully strong...

I did, however, manage to figure out port redirection in OpenBSD the other day, so I set up a webserver of a dual proc in my SETI array, forwarded it through my fireeall, and tried very hard, for many hours, to get Movable Type to work on Lot of hit and miss, most of it my fault for not checking what I was doing. Finally, I have managed to get a mockup going, and now I know enough to use Movable Type to get a blog working on a Linux box. Once I figure out how to remove it from being boring white, and more of my "Chaos Coffee" style on this page, I'll start porting stuff over to Punkadyne, and work with the Sun permissions and software.

There will be three blogs. This blog will keep the same name, "Punkie's Watery Realm." A second site, tentatively titled "Clockwork Mouse," will be my techy site. Then a third, which has no great name yet ("Little Red Airplane" is a contender), will be a repository for all my links and quotes. Movable Type GRACIOUSLY has an import feature, so my original blog won't be lost or require some hard-core manual importing.

I feel bad, dumping Greymatter like this. It's been a great blogging software. If it had been written with a database in mind, I would have gladly stayed. But all the posts have slowed it down, and I want to move to something more scalable. Movable Type has XML feeds, multiple blog capability, wide community support, and a lot more "out-of-the-box" features.

ETA for launch? I am picking the beginning of March.

Oh, and I have been helping Rogue with her webserver at www.frankenhooker.com, which after trying to fix the Wonkiest Webserver in the West, we had to do a flat reinstall. During this time, the box crashed twice, so those trying to get to Rogue's site, we're working on it! :)

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