punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

The Year of the Monkey

Ook ook...

I was born that year, 1968. I have never made peace with anything New-age (rhymes with "sewage") astrological, so I had always felt a little uncomfortable with being a Scorpio (often associated with moody backstabbers), and when I found out I was a Monkey in the Chinese Astrology, that was just terrible. My parents teased me about this mercilessly. I had always been uncomfortable around primates. When I was a kid, they terrified me. They were so close to humans, and I knew how mean many humans were. I always had felt monkeys were the pinnacle of what humans would do without civility.

I don't feel that way much anymore. I know several Scorpios, and they are all cool (Rogue, Sawa, Glen), but I still never go into the ape house at the zoo if I have a choice. I still feel that "they are too close to human" thing, but now it's more of "they should not be imprisoned" animal rights issue I have.

I had hope for last year, the Year of the Rat, because I like rats. But it seemed to suck for everyone, so I am hoping this Year of the Monkey is a good year, and maybe I can make peace. Not that I believe astrology has any answers, but the great thing about the Chinese Zodiac is you can put names to years, like Hurricanes. "Ah yes, 2003. The Year of the Rat. My sister in law died that year..."

I want to say, "Yes, 2004, the Year of the Monkey. My year. I published my first major novel, made millions, and became independently wealthy. Also, all my friends with problems came to terms with them, learned a lot about themselves, found soulmates, and lived happily ever after. We made peace with the Middle East, and they discover the cure for AIDS, Cancer, MS, and depression."

Here's to 2004! :)

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