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For the love of Boobie...

I don't usually watch sports, but the Superbowl is one of those things you always hear about at work and such, so while I was hacking away at my laptop, and Christine was drawing, we had the Superbowl on as background noise. The commercials were okay (not great), the half-time show was pointless and generic, and for once I thought the game was the best part (after the second half). Oh, did I mention the half-time show?

"Hey," I said to Christine. "It looks like Janet's bodice popped open, exposing a boobie." Christine gave a noncommittal, "Really?" and I was forced to wonder if I had dreamed it up. CBS didn't say anything about it, but when the third quarter started, an announcer made a slight passing about nudity. So slight, it could have meant anything. I scoured the web, but nothing yet. About an hour later, it showed up on Fark.com. So it did happen! Oh well. Weird.

Well, I would have forgotten it right then and there, but thanks to the media, now it's all I hear about. Janet's boobie. Janet's boobie. For shame. Janet's boobie. Think of the children! Janet's boobie. Oh, give it a REST!

Yesterday, my son was watching TV with me, and we came across MSNBC, who had, of all people, Jerry Falwell commenting on Janet's boobie. MSNBC played the (blurred out) clip of the moment over and over and over again. It was so weird and so damn funny at the same time. There'd be Falwell's face, and then the clip, then the interviewer, then some wild-eyed lady, and then the clip, and then Falwell again, and then the clip, and then a spilt screen of the wild-eyed lady and Jerry, arguing about verbal nuances which took a wild spin into sexism ("You said what about boys seeing this, are you saying it's okay to show this to girls?"), and then back to the clip. It was hysterical. My son and I were laughing so hard, tears came down our faces. I mean, they just kept showing the clip, and then condemning it, and then showing the clip again! Over and over, while these clowns discussed morality of our youth. It was like watching a circus where everything was going wrong at the same time.

And the funniest part was the subject. Janet's boobie. What is the big deal? They act like someone executed a child into the flames of Hell or something. The shock, horror, and outrage are really out of proportion.

Janet was born with those. She grew them naturally, like every other woman. They serve as nourishment for babies, and are very useful as a sensual aid for sexual encounters. They belong to her, not you, Jerry Falwell. She can do with them what she pleases. You seem to have no problem that it occurred during a game known for its violence between players. A game where people physically tackle each other. Violence is okay, but show a boobie is disgraceful? Besides, the event also featured misogynous commercials for beer, an ad starring a flatulent horse, and another one for erectile dysfunction drugs. Not that *I* am complaining, but it seems kind of weird that all you can talk about is Janet's boob.

Makes me wonder who you're REALLY trying to convince, Jerry.

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