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Blog update, taking care of kids, and bookworms...

I am now on 362/697... now in Jaunray of 2004. My script sometimes times out at "Failed to log into LiveJournal: Failed to resolve server www.livejournal.com," and I am not sure why. It happens sporacically. Also, I can tell when journal entries I put in using something like Microsoft Word, because even though I just used it for the spell checker, it still took what I thought was vanilla ascii text I cut-n-pasted into a web form, and made it some weird ANSI character. Thanks, again, Microsfot for telling ME what's best. $#@!*&^!! *

The Heare children were well-behaved as always. Of course, it was late at night, and Scarlet and Kieran fell asleep to "A Bug's Life." Chance and I spoke for a long time. She really opened up to me, and told me a lot about her life. I have been offering modest advice about where her life is going, but it's easier when she tells me what it's like to be a book nerd in the 21st century.

To my adult book nerd friends? It still sucks. A ten year old girl who reads at almost a college level suffers just the same some 20 years later. I wish I could say that attitudes towards literate young girls has changed, but apparently only in TV public service announcements.

"Why are you always reading...?"

Yeah. Raise your hand out there, my bookworm brothers and sisters, who got asked that in elementary school. For me, it was so bad, and I was such a coward, I never read IN FRONT of anyone (except my parents, who encouraged it). I used to think my friend Neal was so brave. "Wow, man.... you're reading a BOOK. Out in the OPEN! Like, one that wasn't even assigned by a teacher! F-for fun! Oh, man, you got BALLS!"

For some of us back then, "Farenheit 451" was a horror novel.

Then we spent a lot of time talking about fandom. I should get a shirt for her that says, "Fan in training" or something. Chance, even at 10, is so like my old friends growing up, it's a pure joy to remind me of actual good times from my childhood.

* (this may, in fact, be a line from sendmail.cf)
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