punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Pre-Katsu Show

Man, if it wasn't for my promise to never write about anything specific at work that could come back to haunt me... I have some juicy stuff going on. My work life keeps unfolding and unfolding. Curiouser and curiouser.

But while I have about 20 minutes here, I have time to tell you about my prep for Katsucon. I am mostly ready: I have all my Whose Katsu material ready to go, including stuff for the tech crew, which is a strong improvement over last year when I was doing it THE Saturday of the Cosplay. I have at least 45 minutes of time filled in various game, and some spare if the judging goes longer than expected. All I need now is a buzzer... I found out from Pocky we have confirmation of the other two people, so with Pocky, Sean, Rob, and some guy who I can't remember but I don't want to waste time so I can get this blog out. I also have a slight diagram for opening ceremonies, which doesn't take near so much prep because that always changes at the last minute. The only other thing I have to prep for is the AMV awards, which I just have to present some category (comedy, I think), and my "Judge's Pick," who ... oh, whatever (you'll get that joke if you watch me at the awards).

So, I have yet to pack, but I have to wash a round of clothes that I found the cat AND dogs had been sleeping on, and while I like my pets, I don't want to smell like sweaty cat feet and stinky dog breath. So I have to wash the clothes again. Ugh.

We're leaving the dogs over at our friend's house again, because mean Mr. Hotel won't let us take our dogs. They smelled funny, so we got them groomed. Now they look at nice and shiny. The dogs really like being groomed... well, before and after. They like going to the groomers, but once we try to take them behind the gate, their tails go down, and they try to leave. And they are so happy when we pick them up, and so proud to be clean. I wish more gamers were like that...

[Sorry Ted, that was mean, I know... where did you go on vacation?]

Unless I get bored and decide to call the internet from Katsucon, I probably WON'T be posting a blog entry during the con. I always plan to, but then rarely remember, so you guys have a great weekend, and I will promise to try and remember to take good pictures!

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