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More on conventions for 2004

It looks more and more likely I will be at Balticon. Not only did they ask me to be a program participant again, but Christine may be running Night Ops. I was going to run a semi-FanTek party, but I simply don't have the money this time around to get a suite, food, run it, and so on. Christine and I have been discussing it financially, and I think we can afford a room for two nights, a place for the dogs, and if we bring our own food, we can afford to eat.

I will be VERY likely going to GenCon this year as well, working under Mystic Station Designs. I have a meeting on the 28th I have to go to where I will get to know the rules, learn more about their gaming products, and so on. I am pretty excited about this. First, I really wanted to go to GenCon ever since I knew about it when I was about 13 or so. I am not a gamer anymore, really, but I feel I owe it to my old self to go. Second, I wanted to be with MSD because everyone there is so cool, and third, I wanted to see how the merchant end of a con works. The only table I have ever worked is Nancy's Buttons, and I haven't worked her table for quite some time.

I am still ambivalent about Fantasm. It's more of a curiosity thing for me, and I don't know if I can justify the cost (travel, room, food). Sean and Lou really want me to go. I think Tiger does, too.

In other news Christine has become a Beta Tester for Looney Labs, or as they call it, a "Blabb Rabbit." She's been playing Fluxx and Chrononaut for years. Pretty spiffy. She also sold a lot of her art at Katsucon, although we're not sure which pieces or how much she made due to some weird snafu in their system where they gave away some of Christine's art by accident, and then they didn't have a total for any of the artists anyway. So she might get a check ... for some amount ... sometime.

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