punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

It's been a hard day's night...

This morning has been such hell.

So, I had only gotten like 5 hours of sleep in three days, right? One of the problems I have is that when I have gone without sleep for THAT long, I get all cranky, and then I become hypersensitive to noise and light. So last night, I finally get a nap at around 8, then real sleep from 11-8... I slept in late because I had to stay late for a meeting today.

Not a good idea.

At some point (okay, at 12:43am), a huge array of switches went down last night, and I got to work, and all hell was loose. The night people who are usually here at that time said they couldn't get a straight answer out of anybody, but that it would be fixed. The Internal Help desk, which seems to be mostly run by trained chimps, made this translation:

"The network is down" = "You want some servers moved"

So not only was the network down, but someone tried to move the servers, MY SERVERS, but gave up at some point without plugging anything back in. Now, get this, they closed the work request because they couldn't move my servers, and so closed the ticket as "resolved." Huh? And we don't even outsource to India, baby!

All. Morning. I have been trying to get everything fixed. I have been trying to get complicated network problems fixed by people with as much sass and attitude as an inner city schoolbus driver. "I don' haf to do wot you say, a'ight? I don' cahe if yoo know dis box ain't got fo' MAC addresses. Reboot da damn box and get back to me when you goddit fix, yo. No, my sup-a-vyso ain't here. [click]" I don't know where we get these guys. If rebooting the server doesn't work three times, why will the fourth time work? It's not the server, it's the network. Dammit, LISTEN TO ME! People are IMing me they can't reach the servers. I know, I KNOW! I am working on it! "But I NEED the data!" That's not going to make me any faster. "I'm telling on you..." Go right ahead.

My boss finally got involved, and even though there are warning labels and stickers everywhere and threats of death by bunda if we touch anything on that rack, my boss cut the power to all the computer room networking equipment, waited a few seconds, and put it back up. Fixed it. Fixed it good.

Then all this stupid stuff has been happening on top of this. I spilled my coffee on a rather valuable book I needed. In an attempt to unlock my office door, I slip and jam a fingernail against the edge of the doorknob, nearly peeling it off. It's hard to type with one finger all swollen like that. One of my Bionicle Lego guys falls of the shelf and lands in my lunch (shrimp linguini). The water pressure in the kitchen shoots up while I am rinsing my coffee cup, spraying my crotch with water, so all day I have had a damp crotch. My nose starts to bleed for no reason, but only slightly, so it's very scabby and dribbles at random. An analyst I work with got angry at me that I moved some data and they can't map a network drive to it. It turns she was logged in as the wrong user. When I pointed this out, I didn't get a thanks, but an "it's about time!" I have errors on my new server, but I can't find out because my mail reader wasn't installed for some reason. I try to install it, and the network is so slow, it's taking forever.

I want to go home.

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