punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

Spring is here, spring is here... life is skittles, life is beer...

Because this whole blog seems to be 80% depressing, I am going to post some good recent thoughts to try and fix my mojo.

Spring has peeked its head recently, and the weather has been pretty nice. The air has that slightly fresh warm and moist feel to it, and we have had the windows open for the last few days, trying to air out the funky smell of carpet cleaner mixed with eu du pet.

My seeds I only planted just last week have started to germinate. Out of 20 peat pots, 6 tomato plants have started to sprout, which is good news, since we were a bit afraid they had been ruined. The blue Cambridge flowers I had planted are also sprouting. Their seeds were as small as ground pepper, even finer than sand, so I couldn't just plant 3-4 in eat pot, I kind have a dozen or so. Now the peat pots have itty bitty green leaves, not much larger than a mouse's fingernail. Two of the catnip plants have also started to sprout. I also planted some holly in small pots, because I want to gut some older plants around our house and put in some low maintenance shrubs that also discourage intruders. I wonder if they will grow? I got the berries right off a bush outside, but I recall heaging that holly works best if passed through the digestive process of a bird. Well, we'll see.

I am busy at work. Busy is good. I am still learning new things, even though I have had this position for about 4 years now, and that always makes me feel satisfied, like eating a good meal after being hungry all day.

My friend Sean got a job, after being unemployed for over a year. Another friend of mine I have had a clenching feeling in my stomach about is doing better. He has had a lot to face in his life recently, and I was so worried about him. I saw him last week, and he seemed so much happier.

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