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Odd places we end up after being teens

What was I laughing so hard at? [had to say it...]

Anyway, I am feeling better today. Good enough to do some serious food shopping, which has been needed for a while. Today was the first day I woke up with no sinus headache, so I am taking advantage of this while I can.

Last night, Sawa and Rogue were over. We didn't do much but talk about boyfriends and stuff, while Sawa and Christine shared a good bottle of wine that Christine cousin, Michelle, got while she was in Italy. I've known Michelle since she was a kid (she was a kid when Christine and I were dating), and she got teased a lot by her older sister, Janita, as well as Christine. Now she's in the Army, and up until recently was stationed in Germany (but is now moving to the UK), probably to get as far from us as possible. :) No, seriously, she's a dental hygienist and worked in the Pentagon for a while. She was away on training when it was attacked, and got shipped out to Germany soon afterwards. She has fame in the family for working on the teeth of (then) President Clinton, whom she said was very charming and a pleasant person.

Sometimes with Michelle, I think about how people grow up and become things you never considered. I mean, when I was 12, I didn't think I'd live the next week, and never really gave much thought about being an adult. I sort of remember wanting to be a vet or something, but then during some school aptitude test, they said I'd do well as an architect because "I was a loner." The very thought I'd end up working with computers would have been hysterical, although apparently no one else thought so. Christine wanted to be a genetic biochemist, and is now the "right hand man" to the president of a shipping company in Baltimore, in charge of HR, tech, and invoicing. Michelle's sister Janita, whom everyone thought would end up being some great educational beacon, took an odd path with a DJ stint for a while as "Sloppy Jan" for a local radio station, and is now a social worker. They key to making is big in a small town, it seems, is to move out of the small town.

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